Regardless if you have been in your relationship for years or if you are just exploring your options, everyone could use a couple of tips to help them spice things up in the bedroom.


1. Masturbate in front of your partner: Show him or her where you like to be touched. Who knows? You may find that being watched adds an extra element to your sexual experience. Alternatively, if you don’t like being on display, consider pleasuring yourself while your partner is kissing and caressing your body. Another option is for you to be the voyeur; it’s unbelievably sexy to watch your partner pleasure themselves as well as feeling their body’s response when you decide to do a little petting of your own.

2. Play a sex game: There are a number of fun sex games that can easily be found with a quick internet search. One of the most pleasurable is something called “Everything But.” The concept is simple; you and your partner must find ways to get each other off by doing everything but sexual intercourse. Try restricting your partner’s senses and/or movements while giving them oral pleasure; this will help heighten the sensations that they are feeling. It’s a great learning experience and can be exciting in surprisingly pleasurable ways.

Hitting It

Let’s face it; we have all done missionary and doggy time a million times. So, in order to add some pizzazz to your sexual relationship, try out some of these positions for an orgasm the likes of which you have never felt before.

• X Position: This position is the only “ex” you’ll be happy to give a go. It requires intimate and slow movement and requires the guy to sit facing the woman with both of your legs crossed over each other to form an X. For deeper penetration, hold hands while thrusting.

• The Pretzel: While food can be used to add an extra element to foreplay, this isn’t the effect that we’re going for here. With this position, the male will kneel over the female, who wraps a leg around his waist and brings the other to rest underneath his butt. This position allows for deep and powerful thrusts (from a sideways angle) so it produces a completely different feeling.

• Spider: This position resembles the crab walk a little, but it can create some powerful orgasms. For more pleasure, the female’s pelvis should be above the males and her legs should bend to the side of his body. This position allows both of you to control your movements so, in this way, you both can create a crazy satisfying rhythm.

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5 Sex Tips To Heat Things Up In The Bedroom